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remyryan's Journal

my heart is on my sleeve--yours is on my knife
28 November
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i need you so much closer.

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80's, a density of souls, a silver mt. zion, against me, alkaline trio, amano, american idol, amélie, angelina jolie, art, aussies, australia, beautiful thing, bjork, blokes, books, boston, boy sets fire, boyfriend, boys, brad renfro, braid, brand new, bright eyes, broken social scene, buffy the vampire slayer, charlize theron, chinese, christopher rice, circle takes the square, coffee, cowboys became folk heroes, criteria, cuddling, cursive, dancer in the dark, dazed and confused, death cab for cutie, denali, desmond harrington, drama, drawing, dressy bessy, dvds, edge of seventeen, elijah wood, emo boys, empire records, engine down, ethan hawke, fennec, final fantasy, fleetwood mac, gambit, gay, gideon yago, h&m, harry potter, helena bohnam carter, her space holiday, hey mercedes, hot hot heat, hot rod circuit, hung by hope, idlewild, illeana douglas, indian summer, japanese, jude law, kangaroos, kingdom hearts, kyle brown, kylie minogue, ladytron, laughing, le tigre, les savy fav, long island, lord of the rings, madonna, mae, man ray, mix tapes, modest mouse, movies, murder by death, my dog, my first mister, nan goldin, new paltz, nick stahl, nicole kidman, nipples, no doubt, nudity, orlando bloom, oscar wilde, photography, pj harvey, playstation, poetry, pretty girls make graves, princess mononoke, q and not u, queer as folk, radiohead, rainer maria, real world, record of lodoss war, rilo kiley, sex, shinesman, sleater-kinney, snapple, sparta, squaresoft, stars, sui, sushi, sydney, tattoos, the anniversary, the blood brothers, the cranberries, the embassy, the faint, the format, the get up kids, the good life, the gossip, the kodan armada, the smiths, the strokes, the weakerthans, theresa, this day forward, titan ae, tom cruise, tomb raider, tori amos, veganism, video games, voldka, walls of jericho, warm cookies, will & grace, wombats, x-men, yeah yeah yeahs