my heart is on my sleeve--yours is on my knife (remyryan) wrote,
my heart is on my sleeve--yours is on my knife


debating whether to actually delete the journal.
or to just let it be inactive.
im having a hard time letting go of memories.

what does everyone think.

the new journal again. boats_of_fire
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aww memories are really important.
if i were you i'd keep it!
i love your old entries
never looked over.. never forgotten. ditch it. my other half says remember what has molded u.
Leave it. It has great memories. :)


January 21 2004, 09:12:11 UTC 13 years ago

keep it, I like reading your journal...bwahahahaa
It's Lee...I say u keep it and u add me to ur friends list and we talk through our journals! ok?...ok sounds like fun!
hey you!

well, keep me as your friend in your new journal. i'm a little bit off by like 3 months. but yeah.
hey whats up?
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